Wednesday, June 20, 2012

winter is a great time to visit ArtPlay

I didn't even realize that it has been so many days since I last posted on my blog. I think I need  a blog schedule and then stick to it. But then I have been doing many things on the side. June has been a very happening month for me. My birthday comes in June YAY..and so does winter. And with winter comes the Pandora of allergies. Anyhow between allergies, steroids and endless supplies of chai and coffee I managed to attend an information session at ArtPlay here in Melbourne. The information session was meant for artists/teachers interested in conducting workshops at ArtPlay. The age group of the children attending these workshops is upto13 years age group I feel quite comfortable with. I loved teaching middle school, and most kids in middle school are 11-13 years old.
So right now I am finalizing my workshop proposals for submission. If my ideas get approval from the selection committee..then next term I will conducting workshops at one of my most favourite places in Melbourne :) 
ArtPlay is a place where children and families come together and indulge in a little bit of art, drama, music and creativity in a very supportive environment. It is highly accessible by public transport (just a few meters walk from Flinder street station).The center has a very nice building for all kinds of indoor activities, and there's also a  play area which is open for public. I was there just last month on a play date with my son and my cousin's boys. 
I remember the first time I walked past the ArtPlay center was in 2009. It was our first month in Australia, and our trip to Melbourne city. My hubby and I were walking along Yarra river and I spotted some metal sheets on the path with intricate etchings on them..those etched plates lead me to ArtPlay building. I stood in front of the red bricked building, intrigued and wanting to know what was inside. Then last year I met an incredible artist who was attending university with me. Having conducted two successful workshops herself at ArtPlay, she told me to apply to artplay for art workshops. But I was too busy with assignments and teaching placements. This year it's a different story. So here I am..tweaking my ideas and penning them down for submission. I leave you with this image of the ArtPlay building. Go visit it at your earliest. Their new programme schedule is out and you can access it here

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  1. How good is ArtPlay?! I love the playground next to it too! I hope you get to teach there- that would be wonderful!