Sunday, June 30, 2013

A post about failure

As I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am currently enrolled in Lilla Roger's e-course Make Art That Sells.
This is our fourth week and our assignment was to create a piece of wall art that incorporates certain elements like collage etc.
Now I am not good at collage. It's simply a medium that I have never enjoyed and therefore never practised much. But I went into this assignment with an open mind. I enjoyed gathering materials and textures. Even enjoyed working on my art piece. But during the last few minutes I started to get nervous and took a bad decision that completely destroyed my artwork. Why and how did this happen? Lets just say sleep deprivation and extreme fatigue doesn't help an artist who is already struggling with the medium. Needless to say I stopped working on my art piece as I no longer relate to it, and nor do I see it hanging on my wall or anyone else's wall for that matter.
But the good part is that I have discovered that I can enjoy working in collages, and its definitely a medium that I would love to explore a bit more.
I am happy with my theme and will keep a few elements like use of vintage sewing patterns in next artwork.
I used vintage sewing patterns and paints card samples for this piece. I have already cried over my painting. Failure is hard. We are even harder on ourselves. It is 5 am here and I have been up all night. I am not submitting this work to our class flickr group. Not happy with it at all.
By writing this post I am accepting my failure to take time out everyday to work on my assignment and therefore suffer in the end due to lack of time/sleep etc.
Lessons learnt. The only upside to a failure.
First Stage of my Collage Painting. I was pretty happy at this point.

Second Stage. Do not like the painting part. Should have the confidence to leave the paint out,
Third Stage: It was always my intention to add details to the blobs. FAIL. Should have used markers instead of paint.

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