Monday, June 24, 2013

Four long years and many more to come..

Tomorrow is a big day for me and my children. I am sitting in for my citizenship test for Australia. It sort of concludes my four year long stay in Melbourne, or does it? I look at this as more of a fresh start, a new beginning, new opportunities. I love love love my home country Pakistan. I have been living, working, surviving life outside my home land for past 7 years. It's been a bitter sweet ride. I like to think of myself as a person who is open to new ideas, embracing new cultures, and people.
During these four years I have come to love many things about Melbourne, and yet part of me misses my home country badly. I think this is the dilemma all artists belonging to the global diaspora community of artists like to explore during sometime in their artistic practice..mostly the initial years. I explored this theme in 2011-12 and produced a series of mixed media drawings revolving around the notions of identity and culture. That whole artistic exercise was intended more as therapy and address the obvious "who am I?" agenda faced by us all..specially women who take a break from their career to have family and raise their children.
I quickly resolve a lot of my issues as I was working on these drawings.
Have you ever thought about using your art as a way to resolve an issue that's been nagging you for quite some time?

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  1. My art is always a kind of therapy for me, it just happens when I make things, that certain issues go through my head and heart. It just happens. Things not even directly related to the thing I'm working on. It doesn't always happen en is not intentionally.
    I hope you will find some peace and will be able to settle down somewhere. Must be difficult to miss your own country.