I am Amna.
I am an artist, and illustrator.
I am also a qualified and experienced art teacher.
I have illustrated two children's books for Save the Children (UK based non-profit organisation). Exhibited my work in many shows over the years.
I love to paint in watercolours. I love pencils. And papers.
I also love fabrics, their texture, patterns and colours.
I am really good at hand embroidery. Forever grateful to my mother for teaching me this beautiful art.
I love handmade things.
I am very particular about my coffee. I only drink lattes. SKIM. WEAK. Hint of CINNAMON.
Sometimes I allow myself a cup of *Dirty Chai*..my secret indulgence.
Most food I love start with the letter C or at least have the C sound..I can gladly live on a combination of these things..Coffee, Chai, Coke, Chips, Cupcakes, Cookies, Chocolate, Cheese, Cracker, Corn on cob etc. I didn't make this up. I do put Carrots, Celery and Cabbage in every stir fry or soup etc.
I use photography to document everyday aesthetics. 
I love sketching on spot.
I dream of going on a grand art pilgrimage. But till it happens..I enjoy my walk abouts, outdoor cafes, training into city to see art exhibitions, and to sketch etc.
Through my artistic practice, art workshops, and writing..I try to tell stories or capture images to help people see the beauty in everything and everyday life.

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